Steps in Creating Fantastic Art

Let’s explore the process of creating works of art: fine arts, graphic design, contemporary art, mixed media, photography, sculpture or public art. Do you create art from the inside? What is your motivation? What inspires you? How do you start when you do not know where to start? Do you permit yourself to create “bad art” while you are learning a new medium or technique? I will share with you the methods I have learned to overcome artistic blockages, find inspiration and create art as meditation. We’ll throw in a free basic rice pudding recipe at the end of the article. 

Steps in Creating Fantastic Art


How many times have you wanted to start an art project, you have this great idea, but you can not start? Are you someone who liked to draw when you were a child, but the first time someone criticised you was the last time you created? Maybe you’re a closet artist as I used to be, creating drawings and paintings, but nobody knows you’re an artist! Are you a perfectionist in the expectation that every piece of art “must be” perfect? Or are you so busy that you do not leave time for your projects, and thinking about them makes you feel burned! Here are five ways I found that help in Creating Fantastic Art and restore creativity and rekindle the passion for creating art:


1. Rest yourself! In this busy western society, getting enough rest is very little valued. Often, perception is an intense activity. NO! So rest, take care of your body, eat well, drink plenty of water and sleep 8 hours at night when you can. You will be surprised how your body will be restored so that the mind can connect with inspiration.


2. Every day Take 15 minutes to write about what’s bothering you. Write about this incident that makes you afraid to express your artistic talent. Then, write why you like doing your art, why it makes you happy, do you experiment with creating your art? Write about when someone has encouraged, supported or praised your art; Make it the dominant memory and point of reference when you feel discouraged.


3. Take a walk. Go outside, connect with nature; listen to the wind in the trees, enjoy the flowers and birds. Look at the faces of people you know and see who sees them. Let the ordinary things of everyday life inspire you. There is so much beauty in the familiar world that it is your guide.


4. Meditate. Sit quietly in your favorite place or a quiet place outside or in your favorite chair. Breathe deeply relax your body from head to toe. When you’re relaxed, start seeing yourself draw or paint, whatever you do artistically. Let your imagination guide you through the steps of this project, seeing it finished in your mind. Stay with meditation as long as you can. It will not be long before you realize this visualization.


5. Create “UGLY ART”.  Do it! Take out the canvas or art paper and make a mess!


The key to overcoming artistic hurdles is to do something different than what you did because what you did does not work. Sometimes small changes in your routine, little touches here and there will be enough to set your course and rekindle their passion for creating heart art.